In 2013, founders James Chen & Janice Chen, surrounded by their hand picked team of professionals, began building their vision of what a high quality vape manufacturing company should be. Focusing on the highest level of customer satisfaction paired with the healthiest solutions for the end users enjoyment, Novel was born.

With a history of being focused on high quality & innovation, Novel is now proudly launching "Novel Pure Vape" brand of cartridges, disposables and batteries guaranteed to pass the strictest government testing standards to deliver the purest vape.


Novel offers a full line of vaping solutions to meet all customer needs. Whether you are a large Multi-State Operator looking to private label or a single location shop, we have the ability to design, brand and produce your ideal vape solution.  

Novel Pure Vape incorporates a tailored set of services at a competitive price all while alleviating any concerns about product quality or purity.  Novel has provided vaping solutions to North & South America, Europe and Asia and we continue to expand our customer base through great partnerships and the highest quality products.


As a young entrepreneur, his first venture was an English language school for business leaders. Success came after creating an exceptional learning experience for his students. After 10 years in the vaping design & manufacturing industry, James brings a high level of professionalism and fierce commitment to Novel's customers but also lives by a personal mantra: Put your customers first & success will follow.

James Chen


Janice Picture.png

Janice has extensive knowledge and experience in the technology manufacturing sector. Prior to her 7 years in the vaping solutions industry, Janice worked at HuaWei Technologies Co., a leader in global information & communications technology.



Vice President


Novel Technology, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, has been producing quality vaping devices since 2013.  The dedicated design and engineering staff has consistently produced innovative and reliable vaping products for markets around the world.

Novel's campus houses engineering, design, sales and production.  The campus fosters continuous quality innovation and production.


Armen brings 36 years of experience in manufacturing, production, operations and retail sales management to Novel.


He has been involved in many aspects of the cannabis industry, from cultivation & extraction to vaping, branding and retail sales.

NovelNorth America

Impressed by the health & lifestyle benefits of cannabis, Armen saw the need for a pure, healthy vaping solution that consumers could trust. 

In 2018, Armen began searching for a partner to share his vision. During his travels to China for meetings with numerous manufacturers, he met James Chen & Janice Chen of Novel in Shenzhen. Their dedication to corporate culture, innovation, and product quality set Novel apart.

After forming a friendship and partnership with James & Janice, the next clear step was to bring the innovation of Novel Pure Vape to North America.

With a focus on providing the best service to its North American customers, we opened our first sales & service office in the Northeastern United States.  With future plans of expansion into other regions, this move provides convenient hours of operation, a more efficient product delivery system, and best of all, a friendly voice on the phone or in person when you need us.